(September 1979) Mrs Jean Poulton – nurse extraordinary

Over 150 people gathered in the Village Hall on August 1st to mark the retirement of our District Nurse and Midwife, Mrs Jean Poulton.

Miss Axtell spoke for the Area Health Authority of the way that Mrs Poulton had always put service above simple duty. Dame Anne Stephens spoke for us all of Mrs Poulton’s professional skills and personal qualities, of the way that we have trusted her to know the answer, whatever our trouble. ‘She’s seen us all totally undressed’, and yet her presence has brought comfort and relief, ‘Nurse Poulton’s come. It will be all right’.

Doctor Agnew toasted her as a nurse by vocation, regardless of reward, and one with whom he had found it a privilege to work, ‘side by side, shoulder to shoulder, and, occasionally, cheek to cheek’!

Mrs Poulton told us that after her training at St. Mary’s, Paddington and working in Slough, she applied for the post here quite out of the blue, but on arriving (on St. Valentine’s Day 1952) felt she had come home. Since then, of course, she has married and joined what Dame Anne called ‘that gang of Poultons’ who serve Sibford in so many ways, and brought up her own children. Now, in retirement, she intends to throw herself into gardening and decorating.

Among the many gifts that were presented were some Waterford glasses from the A.H.A., a bowl and cheque from the Ferris, a carriage clock and cheque from everyone else, a mixer from her colleagues and a bouquet presented by Helen Soden.

It was a delightful, though sad, evening, beautifully organised by Dame Anne and the committee, enabling the whole community to show their gratitude and affection to Mrs Poulton and to wish her, and her husband, many happy years of retirement.