Hook Norton Road Development and Planning

The Sibford Ferris Parish Council (SFPC) have recently been made aware of information deposited with the Land Registry that explains the constraints imposed on the developer of the Hook Norton Road Site (Gade Homes) by the seller. These relate to positioning of access roads to land north and south of the site, granting of access to site roads (prior to adoption) and granting rights to the owners of both parcels of land access to complete connection, both of roads and services. SFPC have contacted Cherwell District Council (CDC) as the Local Planning Authority to check that the documented constraints are in order and aligned with standard practice and they have confirmed that they are and that Cherwell as a Local Planning Authority would come to a view based on the merits of any submitted planning application. 

SFPC has followed up with CDC on the allocation of funding under the S106 agreement for the Hook Norton Road Site. CDC has confirmed they are not prepared to revise the agreement. The Parish Council and community are concerned with the agreement, specifically relating to Indoor and Outdoor Leisure activities and money to be awarded to Sibford School and the Warriner Academy which will be addressed by a CDC appointed officer who is looking at this and will report back with options in the near future. Lastly SFPC have approached CDC to request consultation in advance of any additional planning applications of size and scale being submitted e.g. Blue Cedar Homes. CDC has advised that it is not normal practice to engage consultation parties until a formal planning application has been submitted. SFPC are disappointed in the response in light of the pre submission consultation that happens with applicants (for a fee) prior to submission. Our intent was to make sure that CDC understand the community feeling and concerns relating to developments of size and scale. Given the response that we have received, we are forced to work reactively and as a result will lobby local and county councillors on a case by case basis.