Stevens 1896-02-02

Text, letter

Septuagesima Sunday. Hoar Frost. H.C. 14. Offertory 7.0½. Mr and Mrs Ainge were at church, but did not communicate. The collection this afternoon amounted to 10.2½. Total for the day 17/3 for Church Repair fund. I requested the Clerk to take it to Mr Inns. Mr Woolgrove came into the Vestry and counted the afternoon money. He said he met Mr Hall in Banbury on Thursday last, but had no opportunity of speaking to him about the Loggin allotment rent rolls. Attended choir practice this evening. Mr Langley told me he paid the needlework money into the Bank at Banbury yesterday, amounting to £2. 10. 3. I handed him a form to be filled up from Department of Science and Art for Evening Drawing class.