Stevens 1877-12-02

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Holy Communion. 34 communicants. Offertories

Morning 1. 5. 0
Afternoon 1. 5. 0
£ 2. 10. 0

were devoted to S.P.G.

Visited Boys’ Sunday School this afternoon and returned them their club money with 1 shilling added to each.

Attended choir practice this evening and visited Mrs Mawle.

Yesterday I received a parcel of books value £3, granted for use of Village Library by S.P.C.K.

Spoke to Robert Austin about the younger of his two apprentices (a workhouse boy from Shipston Union) who is in a rapid decline and quite unable to earn his living. The doctor can do nothing for him. Austin said he would gladly repay a proportion of premium if the Guardians would cancel his indentures. I promised to make inquiries and help him if I could.