(December 2002) A Request from Wheathills Farm

Over the past couple of years the number of firework displays has increased and now seem to happen at any time of the year. This is certainly not a complaint – we enjoy fireworks as much as anyone else (as long as they aren’t in the early hours of the morning!).

However, horses find the whole firework experience rather traumatic – there have been several incidents across the country in the last few weeks of horses being killed in their blind panic to escape (in one case two horses broke their necks in a head on collision with each other due to blind terror). We are lucky at Wheathills Farm in that our horses are generally quite calm – but we can’t take this for granted and usually stable them while any fireworks are going off. We also know to check the fields the following day for any debris (we have found four spent rockets this year).

Therefore, to help us plan ahead, l would really appreciate a quick call if you are planning any displays in either the Gower or Ferris so we can ensure the horses are secure.

My phone number is 780xxx (it is also on the gate to the Farm)

With many thanks,
Tracey Warren


Concerns about fireworks were also expressed at Sibford Ferris Parish Council’s meeting held on November 11th. There are reports that dogs have also been traumatised by the random fireworks. It was discussed at the meeting whether we should contact the District Council in order to regulate the use of fireworks, e. g. Not after 9.30pm. We would like your views. Please Contact one of the Council members.