(March 1998) Not the Young Scene Extra

In the absence of a young setter the Editor has done his best.

  1. Which common chemical compound is represented by these letters?
    H I J K L M N O
  2. A frog is at the bottom of a 30 metre well. Each hour he climbs three metres and slips back 2 metres. How many hours does it take him to get out?
  3. A farmer was asked how many animals he had. He replied, “they’re all horses but two, all sheep but two, and all pigs but two”. How many animals did the farmer have?
  4. When Howard is twice as old as he is now, he will be three times as old as he was three years ago. How old is Howard?
  5. Algernon is older than Basil but younger than Cyril, who is older than Dinsdale, who is older than Algernon.
    Who is the oldest and who is the youngest?