(June 2020) Suneday smallholding

News on the pigs.

A week or so after Artificially Inseminating Esme on April 15, I found her laid in her sty, where she stayed all day, looking very fed up leading me to believe her pregnancy had failed. However she has not come back ‘into season’ suggesting good news. So why was she unwell? Yesterday morning I went down with my bucket of feed and found them munching on a small pile of potatoes someone had very kindly left as a treat. I swiftly removed them, however today she is once again not interested in her usual feed and looks pretty miserable. I am guessing this was the reason for her ‘off day’ before.

Pigs must not eat potatoes unless they have been cooked. Neither should they eat raw sweet potatoes, celery or rhubarb, and unripe tomatoes are also a NO.

Esme and her daughter Peaches2, really enjoy treats – they love most vegetables and are pretty sensible when choosing foods that are good for them. Please don’t stop visiting and treating the pigs, as they love it and I love that they are part of the community of Sibford. If all goes well, the gestation period for Esme will be 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days which means I have circled August 8th as Piglet Day.

This is a good opportunity to let you know that Suneday Smallholding Whole Pig Sausages are now filling my freezer. They are being sold at £3 for a pack of 6.

Also, during the C-19 crisis I have been putting snippets from the smallholding on Instagram, ‘sunedaysmallholding’.