(October 1989) Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir,

As the new owners of Sibford House and Oddy’s Bank we would like everyone to know that whilst we prefer people to stay to the right of way when crossing the field, once the snow arrives, all will be welcome to sled as usual.

However, we would add that the Village and Sibford School children who come to see the horses are always welcome to do so wherever the horses are. But do please be careful when giving them tit-bits as they can get rather pushy in their eagerness to get their first. Pollyanna, the smallest and bossiest is expecting a foal at the end of April – fingers crossed that all goes well!

Thanking you for allowing me this space.
Yours faithfully, Julie Ide

Dear Editor,

I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed by Mr Ernest Jones in last month’s “Scene” concerning detailed news of Conservative Party happenings locally. However, I see that the Editor in his infinite wisdom does not agree: since this means readers will have to be entertained to further news of this group in future, I suggest that all other local political and politically aware groups also have an opportunity to report on their events. We readers can of course choose whether to spend brain space or not on reading them.

Anne Marcovitch

Delighted! Ed. Keep it local – keep it social.