(July 1983) Sibford Charity Circle

1  This is a newly formed group, the present members being:-

Major (retd.) L.J.Long MBE (John), Tresco, Sibford Gower (652)
Mrs B.L.Poulton (Mary), Beyond the End, Burdrop (470)
Mr S.E.Webb (Ted), Wayside, Main Road, Sibford Gower (8211)

2  The aim of this circle will be to raise money for the various Sibford charities, by using methods not currently used, e. g. some or all of the following:

  • Sweepstakes on popular events / football
  • Raffles / Lotteries
  • Lucky Seven Bingo (details are being worked out)
  • Race Meetings
  • Waste paper collection
  • Shopping by Mail Order
  • Sale of Christmas Cards and Stocking Fillers,

any other suggestions would be appreciated.

3  The success of this venture depends upon a few more public-spirited volunteers (over 16 yrs) , especially anyone resident in Sibford Ferris, to be on the Committee or just helpers. The tasks we need to cover core sale / collection of tickets, money etc., and the collection of waste paper.

4  Names of those wishing to help to any of the above please.

5  This is a very ambitious task and can only succeed with the cooperation and goodwill of all the villagers, and this would be greatly appreciated. It is also hoped that participation in these events will create a great deal of interest and bring us all closer together. Any money spent on these events is helping towards the Sibford charities.