Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, July 20, Monday 

Webb was back at his work this morning.

Mr and Mrs Milburn and baby and Miss Shelswell called this morning.

I visited Rev Gabriel and Mrs Davies at Swalcliffe Vicarage this afternoon. Mr D and I walked to Shutford and called on Mr Gerrahty.

Mr Heygate Brooks, of Banbury, dentist, came to file teeth for Frank and Rosa. I paid him £1.

Also paid Daniel Hancox 2/6 for doing work for Webb.

1885, July 21, Tuesday

Dull : but no rain.

Mr John Spraggett, of Burdrop, called to ask whether the Heath Farm would be vacant at Michaelmas next, as he knew of a likely tenant. I replied that it was already let.

Visited John Manning, Mrs Thomas Manning, Mrs Norris, Mary Hone, Ann Fox, Henry Bishop, Betty Wilks, Ezra Green, Charles Legge who is very ill with something approaching D. T., Thomas Henry Hone and Gaydon.

One of Betty Wilks’ children, about 4 years of age, got into the pond this afternoon. Barber Haynes told me of it as a piece of news worth listening to, though according to his own account he stood in the road and looked on without making any effort to save the child, “He was afraid of his feet,” he said – doubtless the child would have been drowned had not the mother rushed down from her cottage – 100 yards off – and plunged in after the child and brought it out. Fortunately the pond had been cleaned of the 2 feet of mud there was in the middle and the holes had been filled with stones owing to my application to the Rural Sanitary Authority otherwise it is pretty certain the child would have been suffocated in it.

1885, July 22, Wednesday 

Colonel Ommanney, Rev G. Davies and Mrs Davies came to luncheon. Ommanney took Frank to Temple Mill fishing in the afternoon.

Miss Maria Dix called this evening.

1885, July 23, Thursday

Attended Guardians Meeting at Banbury. Drove by Bloxham, left Frank in care of Mrs Ommanney and returned there to luncheon. reached home at 4, and drove Bell, Edith Brooks and Frank to the Church Restoration Bazaar at Wigginton in the evening.

1885, July 24, Friday 

Intensely hot. No rain.

Walked to Swalcliffe with Edith Brooks and Frank. Took tea with Rev G. and Mrs Davies. Mr D. and myself went for a walk in the cool of the evening.

1885, July 25, Saturday

Still very hot – no rain.

St James’s Day. Divine Service at 9.15. Only Miss Dix, Louie Thame, Edith Brooks, Frank and the Clerk were present.

John Lively’s wife called about Charles Legge. Said he was so violent it was necessary to have men to watch him and the wife could not pay them. I told her they must apply to Bonner, the Relieving Officer.

Bonner called and I spoke to him about the case. I afterwards called on Legge and gave his wife 2/- to help pay someone, if necessary, to stay the night with him.

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