Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, June 9, Tuesday 

Mary Lively called this morning and asked me to lend her a sovereign, which I declined to do, but gave her 1/- for food. She said one of Thomas Holland’s children was dead of measles.

Bell received a note from Sophie Smith asking us to lunch there on Friday with lawn tennis at Winderton in afternoon. We declined, as I expect funeral on that day.

Elizabeth Holland sent me a note asking for her clothing club money and Penny Bank money of her boys. I told her I could not give her the Bank money of the boy at School; but I sent her the rest.

Drove Bell out this afternoon. It was very stormy looking, but there was no storm.

1885, June 10, Wednesday

John Adkins called about the pond. I advised him, if he agreed to carry out the new plan for £9 to tell the Sanitary Inspector and the R.S.A. that he could make a good and permanent job of it for the money.

Visited Thomas Henry Hone, whose baby is very ill with measles, or rather bronchitis resulting therefrom.

Visited Widow Wyatt whose daughter Emma Horsman is there ill, having come from Oxford with her 4 children for change of air, which her Oxford Doctor thought might do her good. She had “German Measles” about a year ago, and appears never to have got them quite out of her system.

Visited Thomas Holland and gave his wife 2/6 towards funeral expenses for her child Thomas.

Visited F. Inns who met with an accident on Monday, having fallen down a well on which he was at work. He fell 20 or 30 feet. But the water saved him and he was not much hurt.

Visited Thomas Green who has 3 children down with measles.

Spoke to Ezra Green’s wife, who has just recovered from measles, and who has two children down with them.

Drove Bell and Frank to Banbury.

1885, June 11, Thursday 

St Barnabas. Divine Service at 9.15 am.

Visited Emma Horsman at her mother’s. She is very ill and her mind is affected. She can talk, and occasionally give a rational answer. But she speaks in a peculiar and high key.

Visited Thomas Henry Hone whose baby is very bad. They do not think he will recover, as the Doctor gives no hopes of him. But I have hopes he will get better, as he has a good mother and is evidently taken care of.

Visited David Hone junior, Ezra Green, Henry Bishop, widow Thomas Lamb, William Barton. Measles in almost every house at Burdrop.

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