Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, March 3, Tuesday 

Rain more or less all day.

The children here go to the farmers’ houses on St Valentine’s day singing 

“Good morrow Valentine
Please give us a Valentine,
First it’s yours and then it’s mine
Please give us a Valentine.”

Girls’ Confirmation Class at Vestry at 3 pm. Several absent on account of the rain.

1885, March 5, Thursday

Harriet Colegrave fell down in a fit this evening on the hill between Burdrop and Sibford Ferris, was carried home to her sister’s Mrs Turner where she died very shortly without recovering consciousness. She had been ailing for some time. A sister of hers died suddenly in Pound Lane eleven or twelve years ago. Richard Wilks who died suddenly a few weeks back was a cousin of hers.

Miss Sarah Dix called. Visited Jane Legge who was taken in a fit about an hour after H. Colegrave.

Paid a visit of condolence to Mrs Turner and Mr Fox.

Drove Bell and Frank this afternoon round Epwell, Shutford and Lower Tadmarton.

1885, March 6, Friday 

Rain and snow. Very cold.

Visited Jane Legge – found her sensible – Mrs Shelswell was there taking charge of her. I asked her to be good enough to employ some women to look after her until her friends could come and left money with her to pay them and provide what was necessary.

Attended Committee Meeting of the Brass Band.

1885, March 7, Saturday

Bright day, but rather cold.

Bonner called about Jane Legge – who has received Parish relief for many years. She was a very respectable, God fearing woman and a regular church attendant and communicant.

Her sister who was formerly a School mistress, but is now lady’s maid to the daughter of the Clergyman under whom she served has come to take charge of poor Jane.

Spoke to boy Jarvis, Walker the Blacksmith’s apprentice. He says he gets on very well with his master now.

1885, March 8, Sunday

Bright and warm morning. Dull and cold afternoon.

Visited Jane Legge and saw her sister.

Mrs Shelswell spent the afternoon here with Rosa.

Administered Holy Communion to Rosa and Bell between morning and afternoon services.

Gave Mrs Mann last Sunday’s offertory 12/- towards debt due on organ.

Attended Choir practice this evening.

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