Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, January 1, Thursday 

Circumcision : Divine Service at 9.15.am.

Fine, dry, bright, frosty.

The congregation this morning consisted only of Harry Stevens, Frank W Stevens, Miss Shelswell and Miss S. Dix, C. Barnes (the clerk), Mary Thame, Daisy Thame, Bessie Thame, Mrs Turner, Harriet Colegrave, Widow Barnes and Jane Legge.

Harry and I walked to Brailes to take some 4 shire books, but did not call at the Vicarage.

Called to see W Brown the Baker, who is ill, but did not see him, as his sister said he was asleep.

Miss S. Dix called this evening.

1885, January 2, Friday

Dry, calm, frost.

Miss Dix called this morning. Old women and widows’ tea in Schoolroom this evening – Miss Dix provided it and collected subscriptions for it. I was present, and Bell. Readings and music afterwards.

Visited Ann Payne.

1885, January 3, Saturday

Drove to Banbury, to pay £40 to my account at Oxford London & Co Bank through Banbury Branch. Paid insurances.

1885, January 5, Monday

Miss Dix assisted at Penny Bank.

Mr John Spraggett called and asked me to baptize his two children tomorrow morning after service which I promised o do.

Visited Mrs Dix and Miss Sommerton.

William Brown died this afternoon. I had seen him once during his illness and prayed for him by his bedside – he was conscious. He had never attended Divine Service in Church during all the years I have been here – and was much given to drink. He had a Widow Tennant living with him as “housekeeper?” – and she was there when he died. His sister was also there. He left no will but expressed a wish that his property should be equally divided between the two women.

Mr Elley came and went through the School Registers with me and helped me in filling up Form IX for the Inspector.

1885, January 6, Tuesday   a

Epiphany. Divine Service at 9.15 am.

Baptized John Spragett’s two children.

Thomas Barnes asked me to give him the larch loppings at the Heath Plantation. I declined to do that without seeing them but, as he had no work, I told him he might tie them up and get them brought down here. Then I would give them to the poor widows and others.

Visited Joseph Messenger.

Baptized privately the infant child of Thomas Rymell, Sibford Ferris.

Visited Hannah Keene.

Drove Bell to Shutford and called on Mr Gerahty the Curate.

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