Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1884, November 27, Thursday 

Received a note from Mrs Mann saying she had “taken the liberty” of allowing her daughter Emma, who was applying for a situation, to mention my name as a referee. I told her in reply that I should be happy to be of any service I could.

Drove Bell and Frank to Banbury.

Jesse Bishop called to ask whether we had come to any decision about the Farm. I replied that we were waiting for a communication from him and Austin if they wished to keep on, for that it was no use to decide anything with respect to them unless we knew before hand whether it was likely to meet their views.

Charles Barnes called and said the coals had been distributed in a very satisfactory manner by Harris of Hook Norton. I settled with him for superintendence etc. He said there were some grumblers at Burdrop who were dissatisfied at having to wheel a few yards the coals given to them. I told him to refer all grumblers to me and tell them that if they made rude remarks in his presence to tell them that he took it for granted that they wished them to come to my ears.

1884, November 28, Friday 

Received papers respecting School Inspection from Education Department. Visited School this afternoon and Brass Band practice this evening.

1884, November 29, Saturday

Visited my tenant’s children who have diseased bones (a boy and a girl). They have undergone several operations at the Radcliffe and have recently been to a sanatorium at Margate whence they returned a few days ago. They are nice children and much to be pitied.

Bell and I walked round Tyne Hill and Sibford Ferris.

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