Horti Spring Show 2021

A close up of a flower

Rather like last year’s Chelsea in Sibford, we are hosting a virtual Spring Flower Show. This year we welcome both flowering and non-flowering plants so please start taking those photos now, for us all to admire. The deadline for entries is midnight on Saturday 19th June, for the show opening at 9am on Sunday 20th June.

The show is open to anyone who has a connection to the Sibfords, whether by residence, work, school, membership of a village organisation, or family tie. There are no age limits (and no prizes).

Use the form below to send in your entries – one at a time, and no more than three entries per contributor, please. So far we have 44 entries from 21 contributors.

We need your name and email address to authenticate your entry and send you confirmation. They will not appear on the website, nor be shared with anyone else.
This data will appear on the website.

If you have any queries about this form or the show itself, please contact us at horti@thesibfords.uk