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Sibford Scene 412 May 2019

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Sibford drivers

Those of us in the Sibfords who have a car and are still able to drive far outnumber those who do not. Most of the latter can no longer bicycle and many even find walking difficult or impossible.

It occurs to us that the former could help the latter in a more organised way for though many lifts are given and gratefully accepted, many people have little or no help in this way.

It also occurs to us that a large group of drivers might be on hand to give the occasional but organised lift in a ten mile radius which would be as far as Banbury, Hook Norton, Chipping Norton, Shipston on Stour but no further. Many people living in the Gower would appreciate a lift to the shop and escape that dreadful hill, many in the Ferris would appreciate a lift to the Surgery, Village Hall, Church or
Meeting House. Villagers from both could appreciate maybe just a short outing for tea or coffee.

A small mileage allowance for the drivers to charge voluntarily is anticipated. We would like to build a list of those who could be approached for a lift and those who would, perhaps for a week at a time, consent to receive telephone calls to arrange a driver.

Would you please in the first instance let us know your names, telephone numbers and if available, email addresses and if there are enough volunteers we will get the ball in motion. Further details will be sent to those who express an interest in the scheme.

Mary & Norman Nash

For the current Drivers rota, visit

Litter in the Sibfords

Over the past couple of years Mike and I have taken a bag with us when walking to pick up the odd bit of litter! This has turned into a regular litter pick. Mike now takes the bag when he runs most morning (when he is here) round the elm, Or round the Colony. Every day there are bottles cans and the dreaded McDonald’s / fast food packaging. The very next day after the big litter pick there was more rubbish!!

Would it be possible to ask people to take their rubbish and put it in a bin? Maybe we need signs reminding people that visit /pass through our village that we do not want their litter?

Sue Etherington-Smith

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