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Sibford Scene 176 May 1994

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A Teaser for Teenagers

Sibford’s senior teenagers may rightly feel that they have been ignored by the Scene when it comes to competitions – so here is a puzzle for ANYONE who is not yet twenty.

The following sums were prepared on a computer which has the unfortunate fault of introducing an error of +1 or -1 into every figure it prints, ie every figure is one more or one less than the correct figure. Can you find the correct ones?

43 7668 6323 2910
+57 +2692 +9606 -1497
207 9027 23256 2106


Please send your answers to the Editor by 16 May and include your name, age, address & school (if appropriate). A small prize will be awarded – if necessary, taking account of neatness (of the submission not the submitter).

An EXTRA PRIZE will be given for a computer programme to solve such puzzles.

D G Tell

[With many thanks to Adrian Lamb]

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