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Sibford Scene 174 March 1994

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Text, letter

! Final Warning !

Coming Soon!
To a village near you!
Clash of the Titans or The Mediator

A man-made disaster of gargantuan proportions threatens to affect the lives of many innocent people in a remote village. Two clans, known as The Words & The Seeds, each previously renowned for their peaceful objectives, stride blindly forward, intent on reaching the same goal at the same time, each hoping for success and each oblivious of‘ the other’s plan.

There are two possible endings to this story (hence the two titles). In one, no one intervenes and the disastrous, horrifying CLASH OF THE TITANS occurs. When the dust settles, it is clear that each side has been less than successful. A sad ending for both of the worthy but unwitting adversaries.

In the second ending, THE MEDIATOR, a superior being with an electronic brain, makes one of his occasional visits to the village. His brain soon foresees the approaching disaster and, by sprinkling some goodwill stardust over both The Words & The Seeds, he ensures that each clan will help the other reach its goal – but on different occasions. A happy ending for everyone and worthy of an Oscar.

And the moral of these (almost true) stories is?

If your clan is hoping for success in reaching its goal this year, make sure you don’t get involved in a CLASH OF THE TITANS – contact our own village MEDIATOR, Stormin’ Norman Nash on 275. Even if he is not there, his electronic brain will take your message, but don’t forget to leave your number – he may need to put a bit of stardust about.

This is a reminder that, at the time, Norman Nash was keeping a calendar of planned events in Sibford and nearby villages, to help avoid date clashes. See the Sibford Scene of February 1992, page 5.

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