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Sibford Scene 161 November 1992

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The Sibfords, Past and Present

This excellent video, by John and Beryl Gibbs of Hook Norton, was shown in the Village Hall on Sunday 18th October to very appreciative audiences, grateful that so much time and trouble had been taken.

It consisted of a thorough video coverage of present day Sibfords & Burdrop and the Parish boundaries, interspersed with still shots of relevant old photographs, sons from commercial sources and some private.

Over 300 old views of Sibford and its locality were on show and for sale; temptation indeed! Copies of the video, at £15, were also available – all ably supervised by Margaret Cox, who did so much in organising the event. Proceeds from the event were donated to Katherine House Hospice.

There was plenty of food for thought for everyone, whether from old village families, new to the village or somewhere between.

In his introduction, John Gibbs was anxious to express his gratitude to villagers who had helped, or contributed information. How many more sources are waiting to be tapped?

If your appetite has been whetted, two options are open to you:

  1. There will be a showing of the same video by the Swalcliffe Society, in Swalcliffe Village Hall on Wednesday 11th November at 8.00 p.m. Admission free.
  1. Having read the item on the front page of the September issue of Sibford Scene, suggesting we establish an informal group to share Memories of Sibford Past, you may wish to join. The inaugural meeting of the said group (The Sibford Society?) is to take place at Sibford Village Hall on Thursday 26th Nov at 8.00pm. Please come, hear one or two suggestions as to how we might proceed and offer your views.

Verity Stanley

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