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Sibford Scene 136 May 1990

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Sibford and District Farming Club

Sibford and District Farming Club held their Annual General Meeting on 17th April 1990. New Officers were elected for the coming year and members received a comprehensive report from the Club’s Treasurer. During 1989/90 the Club has made the following donations:

  • Sponsorship for Dr. Harris in the 1989 London Marathon, £500 to Katherine House Hospice.
  • Donation of £500 to Horton Hospital Accident and Emergency Unit Equipment Fund.
  • Donation to Charity Research into Cot Deaths £275.
  • Donation to Cheney Ward Horton Hospital £300.

The Club’s main social activities are a Dinner Dance held in January and a Barbeque held in July and profits from these events provide the funds for the above donations. The Club would welcome new members, both farming and non-farming, and anyone interested should contact the new Secretary on Wroxton St. Mary 745.

Wanted urgently - your news!

The Editor, who learned of the existence of the local W.I. very early in his career through a sharply administered blow on the nose!, not having had a similar “punch up” with the Sibford and District Farmers Club (50 years plus in being!) had no idea of their being until the above interesting notice fell through his letter box for publication.

There must be many similar clubs, societies, associations equally unknown to your bleary eyed, newcomer (only six years service!) Editor. Surely there is a “Batter Pudding Basin Buttering Club”, a “Hedge Clipping Association” and others whose activities would be of great interest to the villagers.

So please break Radio Silence and make yourselves known with regular contributions to the Scene.

This is your local paper, do please use it by telling us about yourselves.

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