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Sibford Scene 101 November 1986

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New noticeboard

By now you will all have had time to see and admire the magnificent, and elegant Parish Noticeboard, on the wall of the Friends’ School at Lane’s End Corner.

This has replaced one – that had hung for twenty five years, and was made, as a project, by a scholar of the School.

The present one, was a gift of Ken and Elisabeth Francis, when they retired at the end of the summer term.

Ken Francis had been on the Parish Council for seven years, and for the greater part of the time was its Chairman. The meetings, some placid, some turbulent, were always conducted with fairness, firmness and good humour, and the village owes a great deal to the conscientious effort he always put into everything he did.

It was in keeping with his nature, that when he left the village he should have left such a generous memento behind.

Thank You, Ken and Elisabeth.

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