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Sibford Scene 099 September 1986

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Sibford sportsday

The inter-village sports – Gower versus Ferris – took place on Sunday 13th July. Although the day started cloudy, the sun was shining by the time the first event began.

The eleven and under 15 cricket took place in the morning and the Ferris won the rounders by a wide margin. The situation was reversed as far as the cricket was concerned and several Gower players excelled. Also in the morning was the mixed doubles tennis and this ended up as the closest contest of the day. The Gower came up eventual winners but the decision was not known until the final game.

By the time the senior cricket match began at 2.00, the weather was perfect and spectators spent a relaxing afternoon basking in the sun and taking tea served by the W.I. The Ferris team played exceptionally well, winning by 8 wickets, and the match was enlivened by one splendid 18-ball over by a Gower bowler, who should remain nameless, and some sprightly umpiring by the Rector.

Both the junior and senior rounders provided a great deal of enjoyment and excitement with the Gower winning the former and the Ferris the latter. The day finished with races for the children and the now traditional tug-of-war, in which the Ferris emerged victorious.

However, the overall result of the sports was a very satisfying draw, honours equally shared.

The Leyburn Family

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