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Sibford Scene 083 February 1985

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Welcome to Sibford

If you have never received an invitation to a WELCOME TO SIBFORD, you soon will: the event is on Saturday 2nd March at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. If you’re still waiting by 23rd February, phone Dame Anne Stephens (452).

They've done it again!

Yes, once more THEY have given us, the Senior Residents (what an acceptable title!) a super Christmas Party: once again a hearty hand-clap at the close seemed all too inadequate thanks.

It was a delicious meal – THEY must have worked awfully hard, with all the preparation beforehand and the washing-up afterwards!

The entertainment which ensued was delightful to watch – and for just a few somewhat exhilarating to share in!

In all it was a lovely evening, and very sincere thanks to ALL who were responsible.

‘Senior Resident’

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