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Sibford Scene 076 May 1984

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Danger to young livestock

At the recent Annual Parish Meeting we were made vividly aware of the dangers to young livestock caused by empty crisp packets. These are increasingly seen lying around the village, and if blown into fields, they can be eaten by young lambs, causing them to DIE.

Please prevent this happening by picking up any packets already lying around and dispose of them safely, and please make sure that no more are dropped!

Early callers

When potential emigrees from the big city consider buying their village cottages or whatever, they usually half expect that certain services could not be as good as those formerly enjoyed.

I think it meet that one such who has lived in Sibford these twenty years or so express profound thanks, widely affirmed, to two particular services rendered by, first, Nigel Judd whose daily clatter in our letterboxes and courteous attention is so welcome. Secondly to the unfailing George Hall for his self-effacing manner when the clinkety-clink for the 364 days of the year is heard, to say nothing of the kindly help he gives apart from his normal routine. Whatever shall we do if this government carries out a threat to centralise milk deliveries?

An open letter to all dog owners

Dear Friends,

May a fellow resident and close neighbour of yours humbly seek to engage your co-operation? I know my front lawn is not much to write home about horticulturally, but my young children and their friends do like to play on it; they are at the roly-poly and rough-and-tumble sort of age.

This does not seem unreasonable, but it is becoming very unpleasant, as is the task of mowing, because a number of dogs which are sometimes allowed to roam free regularly defecate and urinate on my lawn.

Could you please keep your dog under control all the time, and not let it out to go and make a mess on somebody else’s lawn – mine.

Yours hopefully, A Gower Resident

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