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Sibford Scene 040 October 1980

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Fire at The Wykham Arms

Scene had already gone to press last month before the sound of fire engines chilled the summer calm. However, news like that needs no help in spreading. Joe and Olive Coleman hope that rebuilding will soon be under way so that they can open their new dining room before the Autumn is out. They have already booked their thatchers from Somerset, but haven’t as yet found accommodation for them. Can anyone offer Bed and Breakfast for two, for a period of four or five weeks, Monday to Friday?

Olive Coleman writes:

Can we take this opportunity to thank all the people of Sibford who gave us so much support on August 28th. For us it was a most heartbreaking day, but the untiring help and good wishes from the village people have given us great comfort. A very special thank you must go to Sue Sabin for her quick thinking.

We only hope now that the powers that be will get the paperwork together, the builders back to work and business as usual at the Wykham Arms.

Thank you all.
Joe, Olive and Marie

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