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Sibford Scene 033 February 1980

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Full of beans in Burdrop

A close up of text on a white backgroundRob Evans of the Bishop Blaize plans to take on the world in the first week of February. Not in the Winter Olympics, but in an attempt to beat the World Baked Bean Eating Record.

He has to better 2,380 beans, eaten separately on a cocktail stick, in 29 minutes 15 seconds. That is the equivalent of five large tins.

No-one would attempt that sort of bean feast without a very good reason, and here it is to raise money for Doctor Barnardo’s and the Mary Green Kidney Appeal. Any offers of sponsorship will be gladly received.

Did you know?...

… that February 3rd is the feast day of the martyr, Bishop Blaize, and that, in addition to his better known attributes, he has been invoked for centuries on behalf of those who are ill. There is still in existence an observance called the Blessing of St Blaize asking God’s protection against afflictions of the throat.

Doubtless, Rob Evans had this in mind when he chose this week in which to abuse his digestion!


Would the person who is sending us anonymous letters please have the courage to face us in person and discuss the problem.

Rob Evans, Bishop Blaize

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