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Sibford Scene 019 November 1978

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Home Helps

One of the many peculiarities of Sibford is the shortage of Home Helps. Though employed by the County Social Services Department, they work locally, helping the elderly, the disabled, or in families where the mother is recovering from an operation or illness. The duties are mainly housework, but might also involve other things such as helping an elderly person to dress or prepare a meal.

The pay is 99.8 pence an hour, which with various supplements, can rise to about £1.10. The hours are flexible, but the work is usually in the mornings, for instance from 9 until 12. Transport, even a bike, is helpful, but not essential.

Mrs Harris, the organiser, would be delighted to hear from anyone interested or to answer further questions. If you want to hear more, ring Banbury 52421.

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