Sibford Scene 010 January 1978

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The LEO Club

The Who?? This is the newest Society in Sibford though it has until recently been called the Young Wives. The name stands for Ladies Evening Out & the change is to make sure that all Ladies feel invited to all the events. The Leo Club meets on a regular basis at the Mission Hall opposite the Wykham Arms. The Leo Club dates for January:-

  • 9th Mr Morrell speaking on growing your own vegetables.
  • 24th The Dinner. The venue will depend on how many ladies would like to go. Please let Erica Wimbush (555) know as soon as you can.

Sibford's own astronaut

But we‘re only joking. We refer to Guy Woolfenden who, in that other local paper, said he was “over the moon” at winning his recent television award for the Musical of the Year. Some of us saw him receive his trophy.

May we, albeit belatedly, offer our congratulations too and to give good warning of his forthcoming talk to the Leo Club on his work as the Musical Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company. The talk will be on 27th February – and anyone will be welcome to hear him.

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