Sibford Scene 009 December 1977

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Sibford Scene 009 December 1977

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Women are the tops!

I can hear you full blooded men saying:”I know that without them telling me.” – but I‘m not talking about that! It‘s just true. The women of Sibford, in the shape of the Women’s Institute, carried off the trophy in the recent Village Quiz. In front of a well-filled Village Hall they managed, just, to triumph over the other seven teams. Well done ladies!

And well done, too, to Miss Le Mare for her questions (which are only hard if you don‘t know the answers). Thanks too to Keith Hicks, the master of electronic Wizardry, for the audio-visual assistance.

Miss Nelder did better than that!

Last month’s feature told us that Miss Nelder, in her midwife days delivered over 100 babies: in fact, over 500 is nearer the mark. Sorry about that Miss Nelder.

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