10 Walford Road Sibford Ferris OX15 5BL
Sibford Ferris

1.Sycamore Reduce south facing crown spread over junction and close by up to 2.5 metres in circumference Reduce west facing crown spread adjacent to property to previous Reduce remaining circumference to north and east proportionately to balance symmetry Remove major deadwood 2.Beech – Compression at primary crown break with included bark and a longitudinal cracking Reduce stem to east by approximately 4.5 metres Reduce lateral spread of crown to east by up to 3 metres in branch length Reduce overall crown height by up to 2 metres Prune remaining crown circumference proportionately to contain and shape Install x1 GEFA crown support system (brace) between stems to west and east 3.Ash - Section fell to leave the remaining stump cut as close to ground level as situation allows 4.Beech Remove lower smaller diameter stem overhanging adjacent Cherry Prune south facing section of crown overhanging property by up to 2 metres in branch length Reduce and balance north facing side of crown by up to 3 metres in branch length Prune to shape 5.Cherry Prune extending branch ends to contain and improve shape

Permitted on Mon 15 Nov 2021