Sibford School Sibford School The Hill Back Lane Sibford Ferris OX15 5QL
Sibford Ferris

T1780 x Poplar - Fell. T1781 x Apple - Remove main low limb over drive. Remove deadwood (exempt). T1778 x Lime - Reduce Crown by 30% 7.0m. Remove deadwood throughout Crown and cut ivy at base (exempt). T1797 x Horse Chestnut - Reduce Crown by 25% 4.0m, prune back stub ends. Remove deadwood. T1776 x Ash - Remove hanging branch. Remove deadwood (exempt). T1775A x Ash - Fell. T1775 x Red Oak - Reduce Crown by one third. Remove deadwood (exempt). T1771A x Horse Chestnut - Fell. T1773 x Walnut - Crown thin over driveway and building reducing weight by one third. T1764 x Oak - Crown reduce by one third. Remove deadwood (exempt). T1763 x Oak - Reduce tallest stem with split by one third. Remove deadwood (exempt). T1751 x Oak - Fell. T1750 x Oak - Reduce one major limb over paddock. Remove deadwood (exempt).

Decision due by Thu 20 Feb 2020