Rise & Fall of Civilisations reading list and video


Ivan Tyrell’s stimulating talk on The Rise and Fall of Civilisations generated much discussion among Sibford folk in the days following. Here is a list of the books he mentioned, should you wish to learn more about the topics covered, and a one hour video of the entire talk and questions.

Ibn Khaldûn: Muqaddimah

Jim Penman: Biohistory

Sir John Glubb: The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival

Iain McGilchrist: The Master and His Emissary, The Matter With Things

Edward T. Hall: Beyond Culture

William Ophuls: Immoderate Greatness

Books by Ivan Tyrell and Joe Griffin:

  • Human Givens: the new approach to emotional health and clear thinking
  • How to lift depression … fast
  • An Idea in Practice: Using the human givens approach
  • Release from Anger: Practical help for controlling  unreasonable rage
  • Godhead: The Brain’s Big Bang – the explosive origin of  creativity, mysticism and mental illness
  • Listening to Idries Shah: how understanding grows