Scrambled carlos

While you’ve got Christmas carols buzzing round your head, you should find these opening words of some (mostly) well known carols easy to unscramble. Answers after Christmas (or, as an additional challenge, see if you find them now – they are on the website!)

  1. New threat – milk in bidet!
  2. Light no high tits, Lenny
  3. Ten Greek wish
  4. Wean Mary again
  5. Now then, wee sister maids
  6. Dummy green letters. Goonery!
  7. In a vile, coy, candid story
  8. Sack new Nile gods – go!
  9. They’ll have hid Tony
  10. What, I ask, is nacre?
  11. Dash! Fool mangled witness
  12. Goliath to tunnel on time
  13. Ghost had drunk ale