Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

Revd Neil Bowler writes: In the light of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria I have been asked by several people in our villages how they might personally support the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal. Below is the link to their website for those who might want to help by way of donation.

Disasters Emergency Committee (dec.org.uk)

Below also is a prayer from the charity Tearfund that you might like to use in the coming days and weeks ahead for all those affected by the earthquake.

Loving God,
God of the Earth, of the mountains and the seas,
We lift before you the people of Turkey and Syria,
We pray for help for people who are trapped under rubble.
We pray for shelter for those who have lost their homes.
We pray for comfort for people who are grieving.
We pray for peace for all who are scared and alone.
We pray for the earth to be calm and for the aftershocks to subside.
We pray for those who have already lost so much and now have another disaster to face.
Give them strength and courage. Be their fortress, their rock and their refuge.
In Jesus’ name, amen.