Four haiku for winter

Winter Clown

Winter’s sliding in.
Frost-painter. Clown. Ice-cracker
beckons us join him.

Winter Stew

In the Hag’s Kitchen
Earth’s slow-cooking Winter Stew.
Bubbles of new life.

Winter Night

Blackboard sharp with stars.
A winter night’s clarity.
Oneness with the cold.

Winter’s End

Winter’s slipping off.
Wheelspin on frost damaged road.
Dirty slush splashing.

Jo Huckvale

Winter Night was awarded 2nd prize in the 2020 Evesham Festival of Words haiku competition.

Are you inspired?

If so, try composing your own haiku on the theme of Spring and sending it to for publication here in … Spring. If you’d like to be published anonymously, just say – use a pen name if you wish. You can find guidance on writing haiku on the web, but for our purposes it is simply a short verse of 17 syllables in three lines, in a 5-7-5 pattern. No prizes – just for fun!