Sibfords History Society – Frank Lascelles in Sibford

A vintage photo of a man in a suit and tie

How did the vicar’s son from a sleepy Cotswold village grow up to be the most famous pageant master the Empire had ever seen? Why did the celebrities of the day flock to his self-created Manor House and pay homage to the visionary, the great actor and the great artist? And why after having led such an impressive and influential life is he now a virtually forgotten man – lost in history and tinged with a hint of scandal?

For some he was charismatic, kindly and a visionary. For others he was flamboyant, a poser and a tiresome self publicist.

Join with Michael Donovan, formerly a resident of the Manor House, and The Sibfords History Society to review and celebrate the life of Frank William Thomas Charles Lascelles (Stevens), 1875 – 1934.

It will be an entertaining evening!

Doors open 7.15 p.m. Talk begins 7.30 p.m.

Visitors £3 p.p. Refreshments served after the talk.

Michael has kindly given us permission to publish this video of the event: