Minutes of the Sibford Gower Parish Council Meeting held in Sibford Gower Endowed Primary School on Wednesday, 7th January 2015

Wednesday, 7th January 2015

Parish Cllrs Peter Abbott, Mrs Susan Bannister, Oswyn Murray (Chairman) and Mrs Gilian Soden, six Local Residents and the Clerk (Peter Hardman).

Apologies were received from Cllr Alan Parkin and County and District Cllr George Reynolds.

It was proposed by Cllr Gilian Soden and seconded by Cllr Susan Bannister that the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 1st October 2014 be approved as a correct record and they were then signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising: Matters arising were dealt with as they occurred in the various agenda items.

Chairman’s Report:
Bishops Blaize: There is no new information as to how matters currently stand but with regard to the temporary store in the car park the Clerk was instructed to write to the Enforcement Officer of Cherwell District Council about the procedure for enforcement of the order for removal.

Defibrillator: The Chairman said that the installation of a defibrillator has been discussed at the Sibford Ferris PC Meeting and the subject will be on the agenda of the Annual Parish Meeting to be held a little later this year when rapid response volunteers will be sought.

Miriam Tebbs’ land: The Chairman said that matters should be moved forward since the suggestion that it be used as allotments had received no local response.. He suggested that the hedgerow be cut back and the interior be cleared. At the forthcoming Annual Parish Meeting suggestions for future use will be called for. Personally, he favoured planting it with eating apple trees and exploring the possibility of handing it over to the Town Estate Charity for future upkeep. However, the inhabitants of Burdrop should be given a chance to have their say.

New Councillors: The Chairman announced that a number of Councillors had indicated their desire to stand down in the near future. A suitable item calling for residents who may be interested in taking on the role to come forward will be included in an issue of the Sibford Scene.

Financial Matters
Precept for 2015/2016: After due consideration of anticipated income and expenditure which will be similar to the current year, it was decided that £6,400 (as for the current year) would be appropriate and a request for this amount will be submitted to Cherwell District Council.

Proposed by Cllr Peter Abbott and seconded by Cllr Gilian Soden, approval was given to the payments made since the previous PC Meeting (See Appendix A)

Planning Matters
Since the previous Meeting, the planning applications set out in Appx B had been considered: and approved. Decisions received since the previous Meeting are also as set out in Appendix B.

The Parish Council received a letter dated 11th December 2014 from the Privy Council Office enclosing a copy of the Final Order in Council dated 10th December 2014 relating to burials in Holy Trinity Churchyard, Sibford Gower informing that burials should be discontinued forthwith. The Churchyard is, therefore, now formerly closed

Maintenance of Churchyard and Parish Council Burial Ground: The Parish Council has received a quotation from Thomas Fox Landscaping & Maintenance, which currently carry out the work, for the coming financial year. The figures quoted are only very slightly higher than the current costs and on that basis the Parish Councillors were content to enter into a new contract. The Ferris Parish Council has been provided with the figures and asked to advise whether or not it is agreeable to carrying on with the arrangement.

There was nothing to report at this stage of the Meeting but please see matters raised by local residents in Public Participation.

The Chairman raised the matter of the cleaning of road signs when needed. Oxfordshire County Council, under financial pressure, has accepted the possibility of local action under the Parish Council. The Chairman suggested that Precept monies might be used to pay for work which may be required, and it was agreed to add this to the annual litter clean.

Cllr Susan Bannister reports on any matters that require attention and she had nothing upon which to comment apart from one particular footpath where she had taken upon herself to carry out some cutting back. The Councillors were appreciative of what she does.

Wheathills Farm
The owner of Wheathills Farm advised the Parish Council on 13th October 2014 that it was to be sold. It will be sold by private treaty and included will be a claw back clause to help reduce the likelihood of it being viewed as a future residential development site. The Town Estate Charity had been informed.

Any other business
Village Pond: The Clerk reported that on 7th January 2015, after enquring about the present position, he was advised by Oxfordshire County Council that there was still no news about the Parish Council’s Town or Village Green application.

Superfast Broadband: The Chairman referred to a report received from Mr Tony More on this subject. With regard to Sibford Gower it is expected that when the new services are available, households and businesses with an interest in increasing their broadband speeds will be able to subscribe to a new fast service at whatever prevailing competitive rates from their preferred broadband provider at that time. As to Burdrop, a new tranche of investment money from the government and District Council has been made available to expand the 90% coverage to 95%. At this time there is no indication whether or not Burdop will benefit from this additional funding but it is the next best opportunity for Burdrop at the moment.

Public Participation
Two local residents, present at the Meeting, raised the subject of the extremely poor condition of the road surfaces in Main Street and Bonds End Lane. The Chairman said that because of lack of funds Oxfordshire Highways was not able at this stage to carry out remedial repair work on such relatively minor roads However, the Clerk was instructed to write to check whether or not work could be carried out.

Another local resident, present at the Meeting, once again commented on the lack of suitable drainage in Colony Road where work needs to be carried out to resolve the problem. Here again, the Clerk was instructed to contact Oxfordshire Highways.

Flooding of part of the road adjacent to the Village Pond was raised and the Clerk will also refer this to Oxfordshire Highways.

Date of Next Meeting
The next Meeting will be on 20th April 2015 starting at 8pm in the Staff Room of the Primary School.

There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman thanked all present for attending and closed the Meeting at 9.08pm.



Appx A to Minutes of PC Meeting – 7th January 2015


Cheques issued
No. 208 £240.00 dated 04.10.14 payable to Thomas Fox Landscaping.
No. 209 £ 60.00 dated 14.10.14 payable to Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal
No. 210 £240.00 dated 11.11 14 payable to Thomas Fox Landscaping
No. 211 £100.00 dated 12.11.14 payable to Sibford Ferris PC – half of burial fee received
No. 212 £ 29.95 dated 14.11.14 payable to Ivor Hopkyns – purchase of waders for use in pond
No. 213 £135.60 dated 28.11.14 payable to BG Sports International Ltd – part cost of goalposts.
No. 214 £456.00 dated 06.12.14 payable to Thomas Fox Landscaping
No. 215 £163.24 dated 06.01.15 payable to P B Hardman – reimbursement of expenses.


Appx B to Minutes of PC Meeting – 7th January 2015


Planning Applications

Since the previous Meeting, the following planning applications had been considered: and approved:-
No. 14/01608/FWest Farm Cottage, Main Street, Sibford GowerN Mattinson
Conversion of outbuilding and part of barn to form garden studio
No. 14/00341/TCAWest Farm Cottage, Main Street, Sibford GowerMrs S Mattinson
Holly – Remove trunk leaning into western gable of property, Leylandii – Fell, 2 x Birches – Fell, Apple – Prune 30%, Purple Leaved Plum – Crown reduce 30%, Prunus Cerasifera – Reduce height of copse to adjacent fence level and thin 40%.
Decisions Received:
No. 14/01761/FHandywater House, Pound Lane,Sibford gowerMr & Mrs W Colquhoun
Construction of garage, shed and workshop to existing house.
Permission for development subject to conditions.
No. 14/01881/FBank House, BurdropA Watts
Removal of conservatory and dormer window to rear to be replaced with Velux rooflights, erection of a two storey side extension. Permission for development subject to conditions.