Minutes of Sibford Gower Annual Parish Meeting held in Sibford Village Hall on Monday, 19th May 2014

Parish Cllrs Peter Abbott, Oswyn Murray (Chairman), Alan Parkin and Mrs Gilian Soden. Peter Hardman (Clerk). County & District Cllr George Reynolds. Twenty two Local Residents.

Apologies were received from Parish Cllr Mrs Sue Bannister

The Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 29th May 2013 were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Thames Valley Police Matters
Prior to the next stage of the Meeting, the Chairman introduced Police Sgt Rebecca Fishwick (Thames Valley Police) who gave a brief outline of what her responsibilities are. She has a team of six (two part-time) and they cover thirty eight villages in this area. With regard to reported crimes in the Parish, there were six offences during the course of a year. Amongst other duties, they organise Crime Prevention Events and keep close contact with Neighbourhood Watches. Some residents raised the problems caused by parked cars especially those left at road junctions. Sgt Fishwick asked that she be provided with details and, as such cars at junctions are illegally parked, she would take appropriate action.

Highway & Footpath Matters
Mr Maurice Sheehan (Area Steward, Oxfordshire Highways) had accepted an invitation to the Meeting but, because of a last minute domestic situation, was unable to be present.. However, he will be invited to attend the next Parish Council Meeting which is on 9th June 2014 prior to which he will be provided with questions and comments raised at this Meeting. They included drains in Acre Ditch and Colony Road. Fly-tipping in Pound Lane and better road signage in Hawkes Lane. Once again raised by Mr Fred Inns was the matter of gates to a property in Burdrop Corner which, from time to time, swing open towards the road and are a potential hazard. This situation has reported time and time again to Cherwell District Council but with no result.

Chairman’s Report
The Chairman presented his report with reference made to the following subjects:- Sibford Gower Matters The Bishops End/Blaize continuing situation

Joint matters between Sibford Gower Parish Council and Sibford Ferris Parish Council
Temple Mill
Self help

It was agreed to write to Sibford Ferris Parish Council asking them to approach Oxfordshire County Council to provide a clear sign of priority for the single track road at Temple Mill. Please see Appx A for the full Report

Clerk’s & Financial Report
The Council’s Financial accounts for the year ended 31st March 2014 have been completed and, as always, thanks were expressed to Mr David Soden for completing the Internal Examination. They will be submitted to the External Auditor. Please see Appx C for the full Report.

Report by The Town Estate Charity
The Report was presented by Mrs Jean White and provides details for the year 2013 – 2014 Please see Appx D for the full Report.

Report by The Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator
Mrs Mollie Mulley presented her Report.
Please see Appx E for the full Report

Sibford Village Hall Report
The Report was presented by Muriel Chandler.
Please see Appx F for the full Report.

The Sibford’s Community Plan
The Report comprising the following subject headings was given by Mrs Sue Mattinson:-
Parish Council Actions and Initiatives / Voluntary and Interest Groups Actions and Initiatives
Housing and Planning
Roads, Traffic, Footpaths and Bridleways
Leisure and Recreation
Community Facilities
Business and Economy
Please see Appx G for the full Report

Any Other Business
Parking in Main Street was again discussed. It was agreed to ask for a Keep Clear sign opposite the telephone box. The Chairman had compiled a list of Parish Council minutes back to 1973 (See Appx B). He offered to meet with Mrs Mulley to discuss parking opposite the Old Rectory.

There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman thanked those who presented the Reports and all present for attending and declared the Meeting closed at 9.40pm.

Appendices are available on request from the Clerk (Peter Hardman Tel: 01295 780391)