Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in Sibford Gower Endowed Primary School on Tuesday, 14th July 2015


Parish Cllrs Peter Abbott, Mrs Susan Bannister, Oswyn Murray (Chairman), Alan Parkin and Mrs Gilian Soden, Eight Local Residents and the Clerk (Peter Hardman).

The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 20th April 2015 were approved as a correct record  and signed by the Chairman.
Matters Arising:
Defibrillator: Cllr Gilian Soden informed the Meeting that one member has started training and three people are waiting to be contacted from headquarters. She starts her consultations with a trainer next week and she is contacting the advisor who organises the volunteers to check why on one has heard from her. It was agreed to put a notice in the Sibford Scene and on the website asking for more volunteers.

Other matters arising were dealt with as they occurred within the various agenda items.

Chairman’s Report:

The Chairman spoke of the Church’s 175th Anniversary Celebration which took place in the hall of the Primary School on Saturday, 11th July. This was greatly enjoyed by all who were present and thanks were extended to the Rector for arranging it and to all who took part in its organisation and presentation.

Miriam Tebbs’ Land: The Chairman spoke about a recent site meeting with regard to improving the overall appearance and moving matters forward towards creating an apple tree orchard. Present at the meeting were two representatives of  Burdrop residents to ensure that their approval to work to be undertaken would be forthcoming. Also present was Mrs Amanda Ransom, a Gower resident who has a professional gardening background, and she will be letting the Parish Council have recommendations for work needed and a costing estimate. The Chairman will be arranging for a tree expert from Cherwell District Council to attend a site visit with regard to tree work that may be required to be carried out. He is also exploring what grants may be available for a Community Orchard.

Broadband: Hi Speed is now available in Sibford Gower, but not in Burdrop or the Ferris.

Financial Matters

Approval was given to cheques issued since the previous PC Meeting (See Appx A)

Planning Matters

Cherwell District Council very recently advised that it is considering that future planning applications will be sent out in electronic form and not in the current paper format. Parish Councils were asked for their opinions. Sibford Gower Parish Council has responded that paper format is the better (and more practical) for our purposes.

Since the previous Meeting, the planning applications set out in Appx B had been considered:. Decisions received since the previous Meeting are also as set out in Appendix B.


Clerk’s Salary: In 2011 Parish Councils were advised that Clerk’s salaries could no longer be paid direct to Clerks (even though Clerks declared this income on their annual tax returns) but had to use a more formal arrangement. On the recommendation of the OALC, Sibford Gower Parish Council engaged Doulas Tonks Ltd.as did many other Parish Councils. Regrettably, Douglas Tonks Ltd has gone into receivership and matters are now in the hands of the Official Receiver. The Parish Council has received a demand from HM Revenue and Customs for £319.82 which should have been paid by Douglas Tonks Ltd in respect of salary paid net to the Clerk. The Parish Council is in communication with both HMRC and the Official Receiver in this matter. The Parish Council agreed to pay this amount and any loss on the Clerk’s salary and then lodge a claim with the Official Receiver.


No particular matters were raised apart from potholes in the roads. (see  Public Participation section of the Minutes).


Cllr Susan Bannister referred to a stile to the fields at the end of the lane leading down to the Wealsby’s farm which is in a poor state.  She is in negotiations with the appropriate persons to have remedial work carried out.

Any other business

Parking: Mrs Mollie Mulley referred again to the situation in the area in front of The Old Rectory which she maintains should be made available for public parking to help alleviate the problem of cars parked  in places where difficulties are brought about when commercial vehicles have problems in passing. She complained about the overgrown state of the land in front of The Old Rectory. The Chairman responded that whilst Oxfordshire County Council is unwilling to withdraw the Licence to Plant granted to the owners there was little that the Parish Council could do. Mrs Mulley and Mr Inns were invited to put forward concrete proposals with plans for what they wished to see: if and when this was done the Parish Council would consider the matter further. Local resident Rachel Watson kindly offered to help with this. It was noted that even if parking areas are found car owners may be reluctant to use them if some walking distance from their homes.

Public Participation

A resident present at the Meeting highlighted certain potholes in the roads which require filling. The Clerk was instructed to take matters forward with Oxfordshire Highways.

Date of Next Meeting

The next Meeting will be on  Monday, 5th October 2015 starting at 8pm in the Staff Room of the Primary School.


There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman thanked all present for attending and closed the Meeting at 9.30pm.


Appx A to Minutes of PC Meeting – 14th July 2015

Cheques issued

Chq No. 223 £372.34 dated 22.04.15 payable to Aon UK Ltd – Insurance Premium (Retrospectively)

Chq No. 224 £21.00 dated 02.05.15 payable to Sibford Village Hall – Hire of Hall for APM (Respectively)

Chq No. 225 £10.50 dated 07.05.15 payable to Sibford Ferris PC – Share of grave inscription monies received (Respectively)

Chq No. 226 £370.80 dated 11.05.15 payable to Thomas Fox Landscaping – Maintenance of Churchyard and Burial Ground (Retrospectively)

Chq No. 227 £195.00 dated 20.05.15 payable to C. Brown – Maintenance of Miriam Tebbs’ Land (Retrospectively)

Chq No. 228 £247.20 dated 30.05.15 payable to Thomas Fox Landscaping – Maintenance of Churchyard and Burial Ground (Respectively)

Chq No. 229 £162.50 dated 02.07.15 payable to Sibford Ferris  Parish Council – Share of Burial fee re the late M J Lucas (Respectively)

Chq No.230 £247.20 dated 10. 07.15 payable to Thomas Fox Landscaping – Maintenance of Churchyard and Burial Ground (Respectively)

Chq No. 231 £45.00 dated 10.07.15 payable to Open Spaces Society – Annual subscription (Respectively)


Appx B to Minutes of PC Meeting – 14th July 2015

Planning Applications

Since the previous Meeting, the following planning applications had been considered:-

No. 15/00634/PAMB Barn East End of Blenheim Farm. Sibford Road Shutford Mr & Mrs Taylor
Prior Approval – Change of use of agricultural barn to dwelling;
No. 15/00635/PAMB Barn East End of Blenheim Farm. Sibford Road Shutford Mr & Mrs Taylor;
Change of use of agricultural barn to dwelling
No. 15/00810/F Stonewalls, Bonds End Lane, Sibford Gower Mr M Smales
Erection of single storey extension to replace existing single storey extension
No. 15/00138/F 3 Sycamore Close, Sibford Gower J & R Levell
Rear single storey extension
No. 15/01103/F Bishops End, Burdrop G. Noquet
Removal of conditions 3 and 4 of planning permission 13/00781/F to allow occupation of holiday let cottage as a separate dwelling.