Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held in Sibford Gower Endowed Primary School on 8th May 2017


Parish Cllrs Peter Abbott, Mrs Susan Bannister, Oswyn Murray, Alan Parkin and Mrs Gilian Soden,

five local residents and the Clerk.


Matters Arising

Junction of Main Street/Pound Lane: The Parish Council still awaits hearing from Oxfordshire Highways as to whether Oxfordshire County Council would be prepared to contribute towards the cost of a half bell bollard and small area of footway for the protection of pedestrians from passing vehicles. The Clerk was instructed to take the matter forward.


Town Estate Charity: The vacancy caused by the resignation of Joanna Gilkes as a Trustee appointed by Sibford Gower Parish Council has been filled by the appointment of the Rev Elisabeth Hawkes.


Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

Proposed by Cllr Peter Abbot and seconded by Cllr Gilian Soden, it was resolved that Cllr Oswyn Murray  be re-elected as Chairman.


Proposed by Cllr Alan Parkin and seconded by Cllr Susan Bannister, it was resolved that Cllr Peter Abbott be re-elected as Vice Chairman.



 The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 20th February 2017 were approved and signed .

Chairman’s Report

Miriam Tebbs’ Land: The holly tree which has been taken down left a large gap in the hedgerow. The Chairman reported that the bench has passed its day and it would be good to acquire a new one. He suggested that the Parish Councillors should meet there and invite adjoining neighbours to join them to see how the land can be maintained.


Bishop Blaize (Pheasant Pluckers Inn): The present situation is not at all satisfactory and the Chairman reported that Annual Parish Meeting had unanimously passed a motion that the Parish Council should demand a meeting with the chief planning and legal officers of Cherwell District Council to respond to the questions that had already been raised with the enforcement officer. The Parish Councillors instructed the chairman and clerk to prepare a letter.


Millenniem Field: Is working well and enjoyed by the public


Financial Matters

The Members of the Parish Council acknowledged their responsibility for ensuring that there is a sound system of internal control and that this was exercised during the financial year.


Proposed by Cllr Abbott and seconded by Cllr Bannister, it was resolved that cheques set out in Appx A, all duly signed  at the time of issue, be given retrospective sanction.


Planning Matters
Since the previous Parish Council Meeting, nine planning applications had been considered .

These are set out in Appx B.


The Planning Committee met prior to this Parish Council Meeting (See Appx C)



The Chairman spoke of the present condition of the road surfaces where potholes have recently been filled by Oxfordshire Highways. A new machine is now in use and, so far, it would seem that fillings appear to be of a more permanent type.


Cllr Susan Bannister referred to the gate at the top of the footpath which runs from Backside Lane to Main Street. It is now beyond repair. She is in a position to offer, at no cost, a replacement. This was readily agreed and she will now arrange for the installation of the gate which the Parish Council will finance.

She then reported that a hedge had been cutback but whoever did it, probably intending to be helpful, was not aware that the hedge was not on a public footpath. She asked that, in future, if a person had in mind some cutting back that they informed her (as Parish Council Footpath Officer) so that she may say whether or not the work could be done.


Date of Next Meeting

This will be on Monday, 11th September 2017 starting at 8pm in the Staff Room of the Primary School.


There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman thanked all present for attending and closed the Meeting at 8.35pm.



Public Participation following the formal closure of the Parish Council Meeting


A request was made that the public be reminded that they should take care to close gates on public footpaths after use, and that walkers should keep to designated footpaths. It was agreed to publicise this.


Appx A to Minutes of APC Meeting – 8th May 2017


Cheques issued

Cheques issued

Date           Chq No.    Amount     Payee                                         Purpose

27.02.17     285           £  133.071    OALC                                      Subscription

                    286          Cheque cancelled

                    287           £ 1,000.00   Town Estate Charity              Refund of grant

15.03.17    288           £      30.00   J R A  Dyer                            Installation of dog box

24.03.17     289           £      36.00   N R Prickett                            Hedge cutting

02.04.17    290           £    247.20   T. Fox Landscaping               Maintenance C/yd & B/gd

13.04.17     291           £      31.05   Sibford Village Hall              Hire of hall 10.04.17

18.04.17     292          £    150.00   Sibford Scene                        Donation

29.04.17     293          £    123.60   T. Fox Landscaping               Maintenance C’Yd & B’Gd





Appx B to Minutes of APC Meeting – 8th May 2017

Planning Applications

Since the previous Meeting, the following planning applications had been considered:-

17/00315/LB       Barn Close, Burdrop OX15 5RQ                                                                         Mrs S Downes

Window replacement to existing main House

No comment


17/00380/F           Nicholas Corner, Burdrop OX15 5RQ                                                                         A Meyler

Change of use of adjoining barn to residential accommodation for single dwelling use with main house, re-roofing of barn with natural slate to match main house; insertion of conservation roof lights; replacement of doors to road with like-for-like replacement of doors to garden with window/new door

No comment


17/00412/F           1 High Meadow, Sibford Gower OX15 5SA                                                            A Harrison

Single storey side extension and detached garage

No comment


17/00336/F           Bank House, Burdrop OX15 5RJ                                                                                     A Watts

Demolition of existing conservatory and formation of new sun room and timber framed porch to front door

No comment


17/00094/TCA    Temple Close,Temple Mill Road, Sibford Gower OX15 5RX           Mr & Mrs Pougatch

T3 x Willow – Fell and replace to mitigate risk of failure

No comment


17/00491/LB       Barn Close, Burdrop, Banbury OX15 5RQ                                                        Mrs S Downes

Structural solar glass single storey extension to rear of property and alterations to strengthen the corner of the main house and alter openings into dining area

No comment


17/00106/TCA    Temple Close, Temple Mill Road, Sibford |Gower OX15 5RX           Mr & Mrs Pougatch

T2 x Plum Fell and replace with flowering ornamental elsewhere in the garden, T4 x Wild Cherry – Fell and replace with same, T5 x Norway Maple – Fell and replace with same.

No comment


17/00609/LB       Lane Head, Main Street, Sibford Gower OX15 5RW                                    Mr & Mrs More

Demolition of existing garage and the erection of a new dwelling and conversion of existing outbuilding to form garage

See Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting (Appx C)

17/00698/F           Springfield Cottage, 4 The Colony, Colony Road, Sibford Gower            Mrs S Lovatt

OX15 5RY

Erection of a conservatory to the rear

No comment



Appx C

Sibford Gower Parish Council

Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held in Sibford Gower Endowed Primary School at 7.30pm on Monday, 8th May 2017



Parish Cllrs Peter Abbott, Susan Bannister, Oswyn Murray, Alan Parkin, Mrs Gilian Soden, and the Clerk (Peter Hardman).

Four local residents.


Planning Applications considered


Nos 17/00608/F & 17/00609/LB        Lane Head, Main Street, Sibford Gower,      

                                                            Banbury OX15 5RW

Mr & Mrs T More


Demolition of existing garage and the erection of a new dwelling and conversion of existing outbuilding to form garage. The chairman declared an interest and did not take part in this discussion


Whilst the Parish Council did not object to the Planning Applications it recognised the importance of the concerns that have been put forward by neighbours and has conveyed this to Cherwell District Council requesting that they take them seriously in making its decision.


Muddle Barn Farm: It was noted that an Appeal had been made to the Secretary of State. The chairman was asked to draft a response reiterating past objections to this application, to be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate.