Last day to register for a postal vote

This is the last day on which you may register for a postal vote in the General Election.


Here are the nominations for the Banbury constituency. For more information about all the candidates, visit Who Can I Vote For?

Liz Adams   Liberal Democrat
Arron John Baker   The Green Party
Cassi Bellingham   Independent
Chris Nevile   Climate Party
Victoria Prentis   Conservative Party
Declan Sam Soper   Social Democratic Party
Paul Nicholas Topley   Reform UK
Sean Lee Woodcock   Labour Party

Deadlines for voters

For nore information about the election, visit the Cherwell DC webpage dedicated to this election

New boundaries

The General Election will be held on new Parliamentary boundaries for the Banbury constituency. The main change seems to be that Chipping Norton is now included, while Bicester has moved to a new Bicester and Woodstock constituency. Further information on the new parliamentary boundaries is available on the Boundary Commission for England website.

Voter ID

Don’t forget that you will need some form of photographic identification in order to vote. For a list of acceptable forms of ID, visit


Votes will be counted overnight 4 July into Friday 5 July 2024

For official information about the election for the Banbury constituency, visit the CDC website.