Horti meeting – The shrunken garden


Our speaker is the highly popular Timothy Walker , on the subject of The Shrunken Garden. Moving and making a very small garden from scratch.

There are many different choices when creating a new and much smaller garden. You will instantly have ideas about which plants you want to grow and the site will have an influence but do you have just herbaceous plants, just shrubs, or a mixture? Do you need a lawn or a pond? Do you care about colour or one particular group of plants such as ferns? What about growing British native species, and encouraging wildlife? This talk looks at the options when making a new garden from scratch; it is based on the creation our tiny new garden.

Doors open for refreshments at 7.00 and the talk starts at 7.30. Since this is our last event of 2023 we will be serving mulled wine and mince pies. Do come along!

Non-members always welcome. £3.00 per head.