Horti Meeting – Re-imagining the Garden: Colour, Paintings & Plants

A bird sitting on a bench in a garden
Online only

NB the meeting will begin at 7.30pm, not 8pm as stated in the email response to early bookings.

Colour in gardens is a highly personal, indeed subjective subject! Tom Duncan’s lecture will use his experience as an art historian to explain how he uses colour. He will look at how colour has been used by artists over the centuries, together with inspirational gardens past and present as he takes us through fifteen years of gardening activity in his small, walled garden in Aynho.

As the Village Hall is now closed, the meeting may only be attended online. Before the meeting, please visit Tom Duncan’s invitation for more details and to register your interest. You will then be told how to attend the meeting online. (Unlike previous meetings in the village hall, this one is not using Zoom.)