Film Night “Manchester by the Sea”


  Doors open 7pm . Film starts at 7.30pm Drinks available , or feel free to bring your own wine.

Entry £2 per adult , £1 per student.


Director Kenneth Lonegan    Running time 137 minutes

“Manchester by the Sea” 

Lee Chandler [Casey Affleck} has to leave his job and return to his chidhood home after the death of his Brother Joe, and is shocked to find out that Joe has left his son Patrick [Lucas Hedges] in the sole care of Lee. Patrick is  a spirited 15 year old  . Lee has to deal with memories of his past ,including separation from his wife Randi [Michelle Williams] . Lee and Patrick have to adjust to life`s  struggle without the man who bonded their family together.A moving and beautiful film about coping with grief and loss.