Stevens 1895-03-01

Text, letter

Sunny. Mr Riddle came and audited charity accounts from 3 to 5. James Dyer called this evening for me to witness his signature to Army pension paper. I called on Mr Langley to give him his cheque for February’s salary. Miss Wells called this morning and said that as the Cassells were ill, and the man had had very little work lately, she was making a collection for them. Her parents had given 10/-. It was the first I had heard of their illness. I gave her 3/6 and said I would call and see them. Ezra Green sent his young boy Tom to ask for the money which the trustees had put into the Penny Bank for him when he should leave school. I replied that I could not pay it out yet as it was against the rule, but that if his father would call on me I would see him.

I met Inns who said he would put the school ventilators in tomorrow if possible, tomorrow. I wrote to Ecclesiastical Buildings Fire Insurance (Secretary J Duncan) replying to his note in which he had said his directors paid the claim of £2.5 not as of right but as a favour because the damage was done elsewhere than in my house. I said, whilst thanking him for the cheque, that I should not have made the claim had I not been informed that Insurance Companies usually recognised damage to clothing in wear as covered by a domestic policy of Insurance.