Stevens 1895-01-06

Text, letter

Epiphany. Some snow. HC 13. Offertory 8/5, Collection 6/8 sent to Inns.

Rosa and Bessie stayed at home this morning, the former being unwell and Bessie rather afraid of falling down; but the roads were really very good. I was afraid of having a coughing fit in church, but did not and got through my duties much better than I expected. Rosa was at home alone this afternoon. Mr and Miss Sladen, children of Mrs Riddle of Tadmarton came with a note from the Rector to Frank, who is in great request to sing at Entertainments there and elsewhere. Mrs Riddle and her son and daughter were skating on the pond at Swallcliffe Park last Thursday. The ice gave way and they all fell in. Fortunately they were extricated without difficulty by the butler who was on the bank.