Stevens 1894-12-06

Text, letter

Received notice from G Selwyn Edwards Esq, Kingsdown, Newbury, the local Inspector, that the examination of school children in drawing will take place on Friday, December 21 at 11 am. I walked to Sibford Ferris this evening and called on Mr and Mrs Woolgrove. He told me that it had been agreed that the labourers should have a field of Richard H Lamb’s for allotments at about £2 an acre, including Rates, taxes, etc. Mr W added that Mr R had said that if any men failed to pay the rent when due, the other tenants would have to make it up. Mr Joshua Lamb, his eldest son, Chairman of the Allotment Committee is to have the management of these allotments. But that the tenants will not be able to take possession till Michaelmas 1896.