Stevens 1894-10-14

Text, letter

xxi Trinity. Attended Boys’ School. Published for first time Banns of Marriage between Westbury, widower, and Harris, Widow. Charles said they were living at Chilloway Barn which Emanuel Dale has recently left. Each has a family. The niece has work on Blenheim Farm. They have been living, he was told, as man and wife. Mr Mann made them promise to get married as soon as possible. I did not hear where they came from.

Baptised Albert William son of Edward Andrew and Caroline Scruby. Harriet Scruby was godmother. She is a tall and good looking girl and knows well how to behave. She has been living at a place in Castle Bromwich for a year and is returning in a few days.

I visited Mr Ainge and saw him in bed. He is a trifle better.