Stevens 1894-09-26

Text, letter

Cloudy, but no rain. Left home about 1 pm. Called on Mr Riddle who had written to ask me to preach a SPG sermon for him on October 4th. I thought he meant November 4 and therefore called to speak about it. He was not at home, but I saw his step daughter Miss Sladen. I expected Harry from Windermere by 5.11 train at GWR. He did not arrive by it, so I left word with the ostler at the Red Lion to let him drive her out to Sibford. I met Mr Platt in the town and said he would be company for Harry if he would drive out with him. Harry came by L&NWR, as I learnt afterwards. I met Mr Mawle of Cogges, near Witney at the station. I left Banbury by the 5.11 train which reached Oxford at 5:30. Went to “Union” and wrote to Bell, to Riddle and to Boissier about a deputation from the SPG coming here on the afternoon of November 4. Met Dr Wood in the Union grounds. Went on to Jesus College, found Hughes in his room. He is in charge. There are a few men “up” who are “in” for Responsions. His scout got ready a bed and sitting room for me. Number 7 on the same staircase as his own, but a flight higher. The weather was cold, so that the fire he put in the sitting room was very welcome. We dined in Hall, and went to common room afterwards. We were the only men at the high table as there was no other fellow “up”.