Stevens 1894-09-18

Text, letter

Meeting of Banbury Clerical Society at Wigginton. I drove through Temple Mill and Hook Norton taking Hyde to open the gates, but he went back unexpectedly leaving me to manage the last by myself. Fortunately I found a large stone with which I was able to prop the gate open whilst I took my horse through. Mr Warren read an excellent paper, on the so-called “Higher Criticism”. We read and discussed 1 Timothy vi, 3-10. Mozley kindly and readily promised to preach a Harvest Festival Sermon for me on the evening of Sunday October 7th. Canon Wood told me that the living of Chacombe including Advowson and next presentation (Mr Ayton the Vicar has just retired at the age of 78) for £300 at Auction mart. The purchaser has just come in as Rector. There is a good house. He did not say that Mr Ayton was the former patron.

There was a large meeting at Wigginton, 17 or 18 present. Mrs John Shelswell called this evening.